Rim Cleaner+ 500ml

55,00 zł


4nano Rim Cleaner+ is a PH-neutral wheel and tire cleaning gel. The product easily removes regular dirt (also ferrous), as well as heavy contamination, being at the same time safe for the surface, waxes and sealants. Gel formula allows the product to stay on the surface for a long time exactly in the place where the product was applied.


Spray 4nano Rim Cleaner+ directly onto dry and cool rim/tire and leave for about 5 minutes to react with dirt. The product will change color to red/purple or black depending on contamination. Rinse the rim with jet wash thoroughly. For highly contaminated surfaces, leave the product to act for about 15 minutes, then agitate with brush or sponge. Wait another 3-5 minutes and rinse the surface with jet wash. Repeat the process if necessary.

Shake well before use. Do not apply on hot surface. Do not use in direct sunlight. Due to a vast spectrum of materials and coatings used in the industry, please test the product on a small area before use, especially on non-standard rims and rim bolts.