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4nano X-Coat is a durable ceramic coating designed for car paintwork, rims, trims and headlights designed for most demanding enthusiasts of car care. The coating protects car body, rims, trims and headlights against minor scratches, significantly reduces dirt adherence, protects paint against UV rays and significantly reduces oxidation processes. The coating is durable and can last 24 months. Additionally, special application process makes the coating extremely easy to apply with minimum risk of causing streaks or marring.


Coating application is very easy and comfortable, however the process needs to be done in suitable air temperature. The workshop where the coating is to be applied should have good ventilation. Surface needs to be perfectly prepared and cleaned with dedicated 4nano Scrub cleaner.

TEMPERATURE: Range from +10 to +35°C is recommended. Application in lower temperatures can extend the initial curing process even by few hours per each layer. Too high temperature may lead to premature curing and thus causing issues with buffing off the residue to a perfect shine and result in scratched surface or marring.

AIR HUMIDITY: Not applicable. All indispensable factors will be manually delivered during the construction of the coating.

SURFACE PREPARATION: No matter whether the paint has been polished or not, 4nano X-Coat must be applied on a cool and perfectly clean, dry surface free from tar, silicons, compounds oils, waxes, sealants etc. A properly prepared surface will not bead water and stay hydrophilic. It is highly recommended to use 4nano Scrub (Alkaline or Neutral depending on application) to prepare the surface for the coating, instructions for use of this product are included on its label. NOTICE: The paint after complete preparation process must be at the same temperature as the air (range from +10 to +35°C).

COATING CONSTRUCTION: As soon as the conditions described above will be achieved the coating construction can be started. Shake each bottle well before use. Construction is started with 4nano X-Coat. The coating is applied in one layer followed by an immediate application of 4nano Energizer Ceramic.

4NANO X-COAT APPLICATION: Work on an area not greater than 50x50 cm. Spray a bit of water onto the provided applicator and soak it with the coating (put 10 drops for first time, later 5-7). Spray a bit of water directly on the panel that is to be coated (you should not use more than 30-40ml of water per construction on entire body). Spread the product on the desired area by its length and width. Spread the product evenly to create tight and firm layer. Depending on temperature, wait 2-8 minutes (+35°C - 2 minutes, +20°C - 5 minutes, +10°C - 8 minutes etc.) and start wiping off the residue with a wet (but not dipping wet), soft microfiber cloth. A slight resistance while wiping will be a good sign. Afterward buff the surface dry to a perfect shine with soft, clean and dry microfiber cloth. Make sure all the residue has been removed, any cured streaks or marring will be extremely hard to remove and possible only via re-polishing the surface. Rinse the wet cloth with water and rotate the dry cloth from time to time. Application on wheels, headlights and trims is done the same way. Do not apply on glass, if applied by accident, quickly remove with dry cloth. The coating can be layered, no sooner than after 12 hours since last layer.


4NANO ENERGIZER CERAMIC APPLICATION: 4nano Energizer Ceramic is an additional coating for 4nano X-Coat. The coating will enhance the look, slippery and hydrophobic properties of the 4nano X-Coat and at the same time maintain and refresh it. 4nano Energizer Ceramic may be applied regularly or once every 3-6 months depending on demands. 4nano Energizer Ceramic works with ceramic coatings and should not be used on bare paint. Damp a soft and clean microfiber cloth with water so that it will not be dipping wet. Spray a bit of the product on the cloth to initially soak it with product (do not repeat this step for entire application). Afterward, spray a bit of a product directly on the paint and spread it over desired area with the wet, soaked cloth. Wipe dry with soft, dry microfiber cloth until perfect shine.

After application of 4nano Energizer Ceramic, leave the car in the workshop for at least 12 hours for the coating to initially cure. The coating will be fully cured after 14 days and during that time the car should not be washed, rinsed or wiped.

MAINTENANCE: Wash with pH neutral chemicals. Any harsh washing aids are not necessary. Coating can be maintained with 4nano Energizer Ceramic during drying process. After the body will be washed, remove excess of water from the body. Damp a soft and clean microfiber cloth with water. Spray 4nano Energizer Ceramic directly on the cloth, wipe the car body with the product and immediately wipe dry. Apply panel by panel.

NOTICE! The coating will be extremely hydrophobic for some time but this effect will slowly diminish which does not affect the overall coating performance which includes easy to clean properties, scratch resistance, UV resistance, gloss etc. If the hydrophobic effect is desired, you can maintain the coating with 4nano Energizer Ceramic according to your needs or use 4nano Shampoo each third wash.

Do not apply in direct sunlight or on hot surface. Test the product on a small area before use. Keep out of reach of children.